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Preschool Fridays on the Farm

Summer Preschool Fridays on the Farm are designed for preschool through early elementary-aged children (though older siblings are welcome too). Program participants will engage in the same activities as children living on a 1900s farm, while learning what “Share the Harvest” means at Howell Farm today.

Cost & Scheduling

$10 per person (adults & children ages 1+) for groups of 5–15, including adults.

Children must be accompanied by an adult, and all participants age one year and older must have tickets. Programs begin promptly at 10 a.m., and are rain or shine except in cases of severe weather. Each session has a minimum of 5 participants; in the event that registration closes before we reach the minimum, farm staff will contact registrants to reschedule for another day.

Past Programs

"Here an Egg, There an Egg"

Eggs are different on the outside and the same on the inside...but does that mean that young pullets lay the same eggs as grown-up hens? In this hands-on program, children join a farm educator to hunt for eggs in both the henhouse and the “brooder house.” After grinding corn and feeding the chickens their breakfast, each child will take home a farm-fresh egg!

"Field to Flour"

The Little Red Hen (from the classic story) needs help, and this unique program brings her story to life! Children will plant wheat in the fields, learn how it’s harvested, and help clean the grain to be made into flour. At the end of the program, kids will each receive a bag of flour to bake into bread!

"Oink Oink!”"

What is a pig’s “superpower”? Why do they like mud so much? Are pigs really dirty? What do pigs eat and what is their favorite food? In this program, children discover the answers to all of these questions….before rolling up their sleeves and making pig food!

"It's All Ears!”

Corn is one of the most important grains in the world, and what better place to learn about it than in the field? Children will walk through the rows and pick corn off the stalks by hand, before heading back to the barnyard to make animal feed. After the work is done and the animals are fed, they’ll take home their own bag of cornmeal and a recipe to bake cornbread at home!

"Hay is for Horses!”"

Horses are the most important source of power at Howell Farm and in this program kids learn about their “jobs,” the equipment they use, and the work that farmers do to take care of them. They’ll visit with one of our horses to learn about his “superpowers,” make a stop in the haymow to learn what he eats, and take a peek at the manure pile as they help with the daily chores!

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