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Happy Holidays from the Howell Farm Staff!

Join us on January 27 when we reopen for Ice harvest

He's here!

Getting ready for old St. Nick!

November 25

We started with an empty wagon... some mighty good corn pickers!

November 11

Making Corn Sticks and Scrapple in the farmhouse

November 11

Wooly Worm Forecasting at Howell Farm lead by  Kelly Ryekema From Tulpehanking Nature Center

November 18

A beautiful day at the farm to try your hand at peg making

November Events

4  Cider Making

Apple Heads 

11  Bacon, Sausage & Scrapple Making

Piggy Magnet

18  Logging & Firewood Cutting

Suet Bird Feeder

25   Corn Picking & Thanksgiving Hayrides

Pine Door Swags

Corn Harvest

October – November 

Children learn why our crop grows so high and what makes “open pollinated” kernels develop on the cob. Young harvesters will walk between the rows picking corn as they go – collecting the ears in a basket, pulling off the husks, and finally tossing them into a historic wagon. Next the group will walk up to the barnyard to find last year’s corn in the crib, before shelling and grinding it into buckets for animal feed. Finally, everyone visits the farmhouse kitchen to taste cornbread and learn why field corn is so important to people and animals alike!

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