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Fall Farm Animals

September – November 

As the days get shorter and the leaves turn colors, the animals and the farmers get ready for winter. Learn how the farmer makes sure the animals’ basic needs are met and how the animals adapt to the seasons.

In a 90-minute sampler of the Howell Farm morning chores, children meet horses, sheep, pigs, and chickens, learning how a farmer’s family works to keep the animals healthy, warm, and productive during the coming winter. Participants help shell and grind corn for animal feed, look for eggs in the henhouse, and help the farmer with other work around the farm.

Program Objectives: 

While meeting the Howell Farm animals and doing chores, students will learn about: 

  • The farm community
  • The animals’ life cycles and the care of animals 
  • The important jobs animals and children have on the farm

Essential Questions:

  • What are the “jobs” that animals do on the farm?

  • What does each animal need in order to be happy and healthy?

  • What do animals contribute to farm?

  • How does the farmer care for the animals?
  •  How do the animals get ready for winter?
  •  How did children help on the farm in 1900?

Cost & Scheduling:
– $10 per person for children ages 1+ and adults (including parents & teachers)
– Group rates for groups over 15

STEM Standards

Next Generation Science Standards: LS1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes LS2.A Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems LS2.D Social Interactions and Group Behaviors LS3 Heredity, Inheritance and Variation of Traits NJ Science Standards: 5.1A Understand Scientific Explanations 5.1B Generate Scientific Evidence Through Active Investigations 5.3A Organization and Development 5.3C. Interdependence 5.3D Heredity NJ Social Studies Standards: 6.1B Geography, People and the Environment 6.1C Economics, Innovation and Technology 6.1D History, Culture and Perspectives .

To schedule a group 

please email our program coordinator with your name, phone number, and number of participants:

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Individuals and families

may register online through our CommunityPass portal:

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Howell Farm is owned by the County of Mercer and operated by the Mercer County Park Commission

Brian M. Hughes, County Executive | Aaron T. Watson, Executive Director

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